How To Use Slots Comparer



There are 3 ways to search on which satisfy 5 types of query!

(1) The GAME MATCH search has dual functionality. You can use it either to find online slots * that share the same or similar characteristics to a game you really like or you can use it to find how a game you aren't familiar with behaves! Simply enter the name of a game into the Blue search box and press SEARCH to get matching results.

(2) The CASINO LOCATOR search method allows you to find if any online casinos have ALL the games you like. Enter two or more games into the ORANGE search box to return casinos that match or have a decent subset of the games you like. You can also use this option to simply get the characteristics of 2 or more games on screen simultaneously.

(3) The FEATURE MATCH search allows you to find games that have specific features. Select as many options from the ORANGE dropdown box above and press SEARCH. For example, you can search for games that have 243 ways to win with stacked wilds and a free spins feature which is guaranteed.

For more information on the 50 or so in-game features Slots Comparer has indexed for every game, see the page About the Data.

* Although Slots Comparer deals with online slots primarily, it does include a lot of land-based titles simply so that you know which are not available online.

Slots Comparer Browser Tool

Add a simple button to your Web Browser that allows you to look up the features and characteristics of any online slot game from wherever you are on the web.

A simple 2-step install process and 1-click to uninstall if you don't like it! But you will ;)



The GAME MATCH search (1) will return up to 20 online slots, with those that have all or most of the characteristics of your favourite game given priority and the MAIN game you specified in the search listed first. Each result will display "EXACT match", "CLOSE match" or "LOOSE match" so you can home in quickly on the games that you might be most interested in. Videos of many of the games are available by clicking the VIDEO link. To use any of the matches as a new master game, click the picture and a new set of results will be returned.

The CASINO LOCATOR search will return several lists of casinos that have the games you entered into the Blue box. For example, if you entered 3 games, the first list will contain casinos that have all 3 of your games (should any exist). Following that will be lists of those with 2 of the games with each search listing which games the casinos have. A maximum of 8 lists will be returned. You can click any of the casinos in any list to visit their site and play.

In fact, every type of search returns a list of casinos with multi-game indicators below the search results!

The FEATURE MATCH search is similar to the Game Match search in terms of what it returns.

Finally, there is a bit of a hidden search where you can find all games that have a certain text string in the name. For example, if you wanted to find all slots with 'Egypt' in the title, type 'Egypt' into the first search box and don't select a game: just 'Search'. Or click this link to see that example in action.