Slots Comparer Slot Features Tool (v1.0)
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Look up the features of any slot game, any time, from your Toolbar!

What is the free Slot Features Tool?

Slot Comparer's free "Slot Features Tool" sits on your browser's toolbar and gives you immediate access to see all the features and characteristics of any online slot game. Scroll down for a screenshot or try the fully-working demo.

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About The Slots Comparer Site

Slots Comparer is a huge project that now has a database of over 2,000 online slots with some 50 different pieces of information logged for each game. In addition every ( safe!) online casino has had it's games indexed to tie in with the database so you can see where to play each game.

The principle use of Slots Comparer is to find slots like a game you are familiar with or to find slots which have a range of features that you like. Both of these are conducted using the search boxes on the homepage . More detailed information on the search options and what you can do can be found here.